Termite treatment

Get preventive pest control services in Peoria, AZ

Stop Pests Right in Their Tracks

Unwanted critters will avoid your home in Peoria, AZ and surrounding areas at all costs when you invest in preventive pest control services. Using state-of-the-art deterrent products, San-Rio Pest Control, LLC will keep termites, scorpions and spiders in the wild where they belong.
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Adjust your habits to prevent pest infestation

Changing your daily habits, along with getting pest prevention services, is the best way to keep critters out of your home for good. Check out these common mistakes that could be the reason behind your recent infestation:
  • Leaving crumbs or food out
  • Improperly sealed windows
  • Leaving windows or doors open
By adjusting your daily habits, you'll notice a decrease in the number of pests you have occupying your home.
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